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Our team of volunteers represents a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, collectively forming the vibrant heart of the National Trust Queensland. We invite you to join us in spreading our captivating stories and fostering meaningful connections between individuals and our rich heritage.

Embarking on this journey allows you to venture outdoors, engage, and gain work experience and knowledge as a student volunteer and cultivate friendships - just one of the many rewards of volunteering. Whether your preference lies in tending to gardens, delving into our historic places or part of your studies, a world of opportunties and experiences are there to be had.


What Volunteers do

Volunteer Contributions

Our organisation receives invaluable support from over 650 volunteers dedicated to preserving heritage and conservation sites and initiatives across Queensland.

These volunteers play a pivotal role in our operations, collectively dedicating tens of thousands of hours annually across a diverse range of responsibilities, which include:

  1. Visitor Engagement: Providing information and enhancing visitor experiences at all of our properties across Queensland
  2. Team Support: Collaborating with our teams in all of our properties
  3. Project Assistance: Contributing to education, wildlife preservation programs, and other special initiatives.
  4. Administrative and Hospitality Support.
  5. Maintenance and Construction: Assisting in maintenance, cleaning and building projects.
  6. Event Participation: Supporting and participating in events hosted by the National Trust Queensland

Benefits of being a Volunteer

Volunteering holds diverse advantages for various demographics and sectors. For students, it fosters skill development, enhances resumes, and encourages community engagement. People in general find purpose, social interaction, and improved well-being through volunteering.

Government programs benefit from community development and cost-effective solutions, while universities and TAFE institutions enhance experiential learning, skill acquisition, and research opportunities. Overall, volunteering serves as a unifying force, promoting personal growth, social cohesion, and positive societal impact.


Volunteer Values & Requirements

Our volunteer team is a diverse group representing various backgrounds, yet they all share and uphold our core company values of Welcoming, Efficiency, Safety, and Fun. We are actively seeking dependable team players who are enthusiastic about learning and making meaningful contributions to our projects and spaces. Our volunteer programs are open to individuals aged 18 years and above, and we invite those who possess:

  • An upbeat, helpful, and optimistic attitude
  • A readiness to acquire new skills and thrive in a structured workplace
  • A proactive mindset and overall good health
  • Excellent communication abilities, both in group or team settings, with a friendly and professional demeanour
  • A deep passion for the culture, conservation, environment, and heritage of Queensland.

Volunteers must have a mobile phone, email address and be comfortable using computers. Volunteers generally need to be able to make a regular commitment, however, determined by the tasks undertaken by different needs of volunteers and each individual property flexibility is also key!


What we offer you

Our volunteers are involved in a range of different activities according to their skills and interests. National Trust Queensland will provide both formal and informal training relevant to the role you play. Volunteers join a community that is passionate about our shared cultural and natural heritage, which connects with social events and regular newsletters.

We use the term 'team member' to include all National Trust Queensland volunteers and staff from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Heritage properties, event and fundraising volunteers to Community Group volunteers from Currumbin to Cooktown and everywhere in between.
We value our people, and do our best to pass on benefits to make National Trust Queensland properties a great place to work or volunteer. With a 'team card' it offers value adds, discounts and offers for you and your family and friends as well.

Volunteering FAQs

Thinking of getting involved? We've answered your most frequently asked questions.


Volunteer Information Guide

This guide outlines the culture of National Trust Queensland and provides an overview for you to determine if our volunteering programs are the right fit for you and what you wish to achieve through committing your time to this worthy charity organisation.


How do I apply?

National Trust Queensland uses volunteer management software to streamline our volunteer recruitment process and for communication between volunteers, coordinators, and the National Trust Queensland in a safe and secure manner that protects your privacy.

Please click on the link here to access the software and apply:

**Please note your application is subject to acceptance by National Trust Queensland**

You will be contacted by the Site Coordinator or Volunteer Manager who will guide you on the next steps. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for National Trust Queensland.